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Welcome to my blog, i'm new here.

THANK YOU, you are probably the very first reader of this blog so I greatly appreciate it. My name is Melissa Christian, I am a certified Holistic Nutritionist and a certified Holistic Doula. Long story short, I grew up in Mississauga Ontario, decided that the suburb life was not for me at the age of 20 and moved across the country to Beautiful British Columbia. I attended Pacific Rim College for 4 years and though I may be bias when it comes to MY college, this school is magic. If you yourself are thinking of continuing your education and want something fresh, new and exciting check out this link to my school PLUS they now have kick-ass online courses so really...what are you waiting for?


Long story not so short, while living in BC I met my now Fiancé James. We are utterly cute, so much so it's gross sometimes but I am in my happy place. We decided to up and move because when you're broke and fresh out of college why wouldn't you go on a month long road trip. We trekked across Canada for 21 days and finally reached our pit stop of Wind Spirit Farm in Nova Scotia (my family farm). This is where we unwinded, relaxed and settled for four months before we realised that we were craving adventure. I probably should have mentioned that James is from England (I hit the jackpot), so our next decision was to go try out the UK for a while, Derby to be exact, if you're into those kind of details.


So now, you are probably thinking okay lady..isn't this a nutrition website? How did we just get a play by play of your life. WELL, personally when I look into practitioners for myself, I want compatibility, I want someone who is funny, humble, down to earth and of course, knows their shit. This post really is for you to get a feel of who I am, see if we click.

Like me? PERFECT let's chat!

Not so much of a fan? NO PROBLEM message me and I am more than happy to put you in-touch with a practitioner more your style.


My main goal is to support you, anytime of day and with any need. In future posts I will go more into my specialities, target very specific topics on different conditions/health fads/foods/etc. Because, I want to keep you in the loop, keep you informed so you can be that friend informing all your friends to tell there friends just what's going on, get it?


Again, THANK YOU! You are amazing and very kind to tune into my first ever blog post. There will be many more to follow and I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future topics to be covered.

Nourish, Heal, Love.

Melissa xo

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