Cheese, Berries and Crackers

Holistic Nutrition Services

Rustic Meal


Initial Consultation  - £80

Our first visit will consist of a 1.5 hour intake and health history discussion. We will than discuss your current lifestyle and nutrition to help create goals and a plan for future visits.

Follow-up Consultation - 

In subsequent visits we will look into what is working and where you need more support. I will help you overcome any challenges and provide the tools and info needed. Customized recipes and meal plans can be added into our consultations. 

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

Existing Doula Client

Nutrition Consultation + follow up appointment - £85

Am I already your doula?


I am happy to provide a thorough intake for nutrition, provide meal plan options for your family and help you through any concerns you may have (hyperemesis gravidarum, gestational diabetes etc.) during your pregnancy & postpartum period. 

Additional Nutrition consults - £40

We can work together for as long as you need the support! 


Nutrition Extras

Customised 2 Week Meal Plan - £35

Customised Recipe booklet - £30

General 1 Week Meal Plan - £20

(Free From, Vegetarian, Vegan) 


Customised Meal Plan + Recipe Booklet - £50